Reach Your Full Potential by Maximizing Corporate Knowledge

Turn disconnected and unstructured enterprise data into knowledge and enable your organization to prioritize and ensure business continuity, now and into the future.
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Data alone has no value and is not useful. Knowledge needs to be created from the data. Organizations have to draw out the connections and relationships between data before its true value can be realized. The problem is the creation of data has far outstripped our ability to manage it - it is simply become a problem beyond human scale.

Why watch?

  • Understand how connecting information for external systems like asset management and ERPs like SAP and Maximo can be used to inform information across enterprise units to create Business Process Automation
  • See Asset Management as it informs the "Digital Twin" to drive things like predictive maintenance and the elimination of unnecessary "truck rolls"
  • Find out how true data understanding can drive revenue, inform critical business decisions and keep people in compliance and out of jail.
  • Recognize the role of Machine Learning tools and A.I. to drive classification efforts that have moved well beyond the ability of humans to manage.

Jason Cassidy

Jason has been solving digital enterprise technology challenges for over 20 years as a new product developer and entrepreneur. His award-winning solutions are transforming the digital landscape from traditional ECM to modern Content Services.


Gene Leganza

Gene Leganza is the VP, Research Director Serving Enterprise Architecture Professionals at Forrester Research. He leads a team focused on data management and governance strategies as well as building and optimizing an insights-driven enterprise.