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Optimize Project Closeout in
the Oil & Gas Industry

A Strategy to Improve Data Handover After Project Closeout Using Automation & Artificial Intelligence

The Oil & Gas Industry has a big problem – data. Decades of data-intensive operations have resulted in stockpiles of documents.

There are terabytes of data aging in boxes in off-site storage or on the USB drives and laptops of employees. Even more data is trapped in long-forgotten emails, or worse yet the inboxes of now-retired employees. Data sprawl can lead to potential financial, regulatory, and safety risks.

It’s time to stop the document chaos.

In this eBook, we share ways your O&G company can:

  • overcome the challenges of document handover
  • build a strategy to get control of the document chaos
  • use automation, AI, and data to great advantage
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Project Closeout
in the Oil & Gas

An Inside Look


The Risks and Rewards of Project Closeout

The risk of ineffective project closeout compounds when we consider how documents from past and new projects have been, and continue to be, mishandled. It can be a regulatory nightmare.

The good news is that automation can help organizations reap rewards from their data such as becoming more competitive and compliant.


Turn Your Data into a Valuable Asset

Companies often focus on ensuring document security and protection. Compliance is critical, but it’s also important to move beyond that limited view to evaluate what value you can extract from the data.


Strategize for an Efficient and Effective Project Closeout

Having trouble getting buy-in? We outline a plan to get all stakeholders onboard, make your data ecosystem unified and searchable, and make your closeout efficient using AI and automation. We’re giving you all that in one, free resource.

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