Get Your Data Right

How to align all your data to your Records Management strategy and deliver an
end-to-end information governance ecosystem with Content Suite at the centre.
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Shinydocs uses structured data to inform and enrich unstructured content giving companies insight into all their information. Accelerate the migration of clean and classified content into Content Server at the scale needed to address current data volumes across the entire enterprise.

Join us for this online conference that speaks to the trends and technology required to transform productivity, security and compliance on the OpenText platform. Engage with with the wider community and find out how other companies are truly leveraging the power of Content Server.

The intersection between structured and unstructured information is digital transformation

14a56ca8-8681-45df-9242-bacd231ef261_NormFriendPresenting is Norm Friend
Norm Friend is a Solution Consultant at Shinydocs responsible for providing information solutions and strategies to customers for both data and content. Norm has worked in the Enterprise Information Management space for over 20 years specializing in implementing records and information management solutions at various organizations across many industries. He is passionate about working with different business groups on information governance, ensuring they have the right information readily available to do their job successfully.

SolEx Expo: Get Your Data Right
knowledge management

Rethinking Data

Break down information silos, gain critical insight, maximize business value and truly understand your data before you bring it into Content Server.

data as an asset

Delivering Value

Make the most of your Content Server investment by ensuring the right information is migrated, correctly classified and properly tagged.

the future of documents

Ensuring Compliance

Get control your data. Meet compliance standards, adhere to regulatory rules and reduce the risk that hidden enterprise information exposes you to.

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