Driving data insight across all your information

  • Ensure workers can find what they're after across structured and unstructured repositories.
  • Deliver continued Information Governance in the face of the new working reality.
  • Streamline your documents and drive down complexity in the enterprise.


Improve your workers' ability to be productive when working from home

Records Managers are looking the other way as concessions are being made for the sake of productivity. As more and more employees are forced to work from home, strict processes are giving way to pragmatic progress and getting work done. A metadata crawl can ensure that you're keeping an eye on this work in progress while making search across all your information possible.


Your data is especially vulnerable now, start dealing with your information risk

Remote workers are a weak link that threat actors are actively targeting. A metadata crawl provides 100% file visibility which means exposing areas of risk and revealing opportunities to eliminate redundant, obsolete and trivial files. Defensibly dispose of content to meet compliance and regulatory requirements before a breach exposes them.

The time is now to drive Information Governance in your organization

We can crawl petabytes of information in a matter of days and get you the insight you need. Migrate low value information to inexpensive cloud stores and save on server costs. Get started understanding all your enterprise information that is already growing beyond human ability to categorize and lay the groundwork for automated document workflows and auto classification processes that work at machine speed.


Shinydocs is Digital Understanding: Organizing enterprise information, making it actionable and understood.



Start Your Journey to Total Data Understanding

Get actionable recommendations to understand your unstructured data and start moving information from liability to viability. We've performed metadata crawls of multiple petabytes of information for countless organizations. See what a typical crawl uncovers with our report available for download now.