Driving Down Operational Costs Through Content Automation

What is the speed of your business? Understanding content at 6,000 files a second or 3 files per hour?

Join Shinydocs CEO Jason Cassidy as he keynotes the upcoming Digital Utilities of the Future 2 conference at One King West Hotel & Residence in Toronto May 9-10. 

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Building Utilities of the Future

Digital Transformation has become the norm in the Utilities space. Amidst technological disruption and evolving customer expectations, utility executives are looking to optimize existing processes and transform business models.

Digital Utilities of the Future 2 will focus on the theme “Manifesting Innovation”. Join Microsoft, PwC, Shinydocs and dozens of Utility executives as they engage in thought-provoking conversations and start the journey toward changing the culture and transforming utilities from smart to brilliant.



Registration is limited to professionals from Utility companies and is open now. $1,200 for single attendees. Group rates available.



From top industry leaders from Hydro One, Bruce Power, Alta Gas and more who are all adopting and transforming the business of Utilities.



Your data at scale in a cost effective way at machine speed to truly deliver on the promise of digital transformation.


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Driving Down Operational Costs Through Content Automation

Shinydocs drives down operational costs through data automation, while significantly improving corporate performance, elevating security, and data loss prevention.

To understand data at scale in a cost effective way has to be done by machines at machine speed to make a difference to your business. The organizations that fail to recognize and act on this right now put their digital transformation at risk.

  • Automation is what drives dramatic cost savings
  • Corporate innovation is providing the right information, at the right time, to the right people.
  • Traditional solutions store, secure and manage data but their inability to find relevant information is what makes 80% of your organization's data dark.
  • The transformational journey begins with automating the understanding of your data
Just some of the conference's additional speakers...

Syed Mir

Vice President Corporate Services & CIO - London Hydro


Alex Foord

CIO and Vice President, Information and Technology Services - IESO


Jim Keech

President & CEO - Utilities Kingston and Kingston Hydro Corporation


Ron Caruso

Partner- Front Office Transformation Lead - PwC Canada


Mary Caputi

Senior VP of Enterprise Innovation - Oakville Enterprises Corporation


Francis Bradley

COO & VP Public Affairs, Emerging Issues - Canadian Electricity Association


Julie Morin

Julie Morin
IoT Lead - Microsoft


Eileen Campbell

Vice President Customer Service - Alectra Utilities