Big Data Automation to Eliminate File Shares

Gain insight into enterprise documents at record speed with Shinydocs Cognitive Suite

What is Shinydocs Cognitive Suite?

Shinydocs Cognitive Suite is the best way to turn your unmanaged files from a liability into an asset. It leverages powerful Artificial Intelligence engines to analyze your shared drives and identify critical information while disposing of obsolete, redundant and trivial information. Get a clear picture of your enterprise data laid out in an easy-to-digest data visualization dashboard and start making key document management decisions.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Use big data automation to do the work and retire the manual processes of end user file indexing, attribution, and document classification. Keep knowledge workers focused on their expertise and ensure access to a single version of the truth for all their content. Data is growing at an exponential rate, but Shinydocs Cognitive Suite learns and adapts to your documents as it works, so you'll never fall behind document classification again. Drive workflows and make decisions based on an understanding of file content.
Shinydocs Cognitive Analysis can power your document strategy.
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Machine Speed
Machine Speed

Within minutes, start seeing a data visualization of your data powered by artificial intelligence.  You will not believe the speed.

Value That Counts
Value that Counts
Entity extraction and automatic document classification across your organization, with no disruption to the users.
Business Intelligence
New Business Intelligence

Make decisions based on your real data.  Eliminate file shares, power workflows, migrate documents and empower employees.

New Approach to Information Management

Download our White Paper to learn how artificial intelligence can be the driving force behind removing uncompliant shared drives and achieving new business intelligence. 


1,2,'s that easy to eliminate your file shares and get your data structured. By using big data automation & artificial intelligence, discover your dark data and power a modern information management strategy. 



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