Beyond the Hype:

How AI Can Help Modernize Your Approach to Content Management

June 26th 11:00am EDT







“The future is here… it is just not evenly distributed”

While author William Gibson was not thinking about content management systems when he wrote these words, we’ve arrived at a key inflection point in the evolution of ECM from monolithic suites to modern, content platforms. Intelligent algorithms and machine learning are rapidly being infused into the way that we consume and organize our digital documents. 




But AI is not just a future state – real world and practical use cases are all around us today. This educational webinar, hosted by Shinydocs and featuring guest speaker, Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst with Forrester Research, will highlight:

  • The trends and adoption opportunities for AI in the enterprise content management (ECM) landscape
  • Why enterprises need to modernize their content management strategies today – and rethink the burdens they place on their end-users.
  • Why migration does not need to be a costly and painful exercise to get to a better future state.



Webinar Presenter Featuring:

Jason Cassidy

CEO, Shinydocs Corporation



Guest Speaker: 

Cheryl McKinnon

Principal Analyst at Forrester Research